Friday, 7 October 2016

Lush Halloween '16!

I love Lush. Sooo much. I use their products every day, and when this time of year rolls around I HAVE to get my hands on a few bits! I recently popped into my nearest store and picked up a few items from Lush's Halloween collection, so I thought I'd share what I got as I love reading posts about the latest Lush buys!

I couldn't resist this cute little ghost! It's called 'Boo' and it's a bath melt, so it makes your bath water really moisturising for you skin. It's made with cocoa butter and Sicilian mandarin oil, and for me that really came through as it smells creamy and sweet! I also had to get the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar - anything covered in glitter will for sure make its way into my basket! This one contains juniper berry as well as lime and grapefruit oils, which on paper isn't something I think I'd like the smell of as lime is not one of my favourite scents. However, to me this smelled quite almost orange-y, and in a sweeter fruity way as opposed to a tangy citrus smell, and I really liked it!

I'd seen this little guy floating around on a few blogs too, and liked the look of it! It's called 'Goth Fairy' and it's a shimmer bar, so this one's not a bath product. It moisturises the skin with a combination of butters and as you run it over your skin, it leaves a subtle trail of lustre behind - perfect for a bit of extra glow! This one's scented with bergamot, grapefruit and almond, and smells sweet and fruity.

Finally, I picked up both the Lord of Misrule mini shower gel and bath bomb. I say shower gel but it's actually a shower cream - I've not tried one of these from Lush before but I'm guessing it's a more creamy and moisturising version of a gel. I have a bit of a thing for Lush's shower gels haha, so I really wanted to add this one to my collection, but I remember that last year I didn't like the smell so didn't buy it. I don't know if they've changed the ingredients or if my nose has changed, but this year I really love it! The shower cream bath bomb smell the same - spicy and earthy but also a sweet vanilla scent comes through at the same time, and it's just gorgeous! So these two contain vanilla absolute, and pair this with patchouli and black pepper oils, which creates a unique and moreish fragrance.

What have been your picks from Lush's Halloween collection? And have you seen the Christmas products yet?? I want it all!! Haha!


  1. Lord of Misrule is my all-time fav LUSH scent. I'm so happy it's back!

    Love, Kerstin

  2. lushs seasonal stock is just amazing and i have to get more halloween items for myself.

  3. I've never tried anything from Lush but I think I'm going to have to give it a shot!

  4. The Halloween collection is so cute! Lush never fail to impress me. :)