Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lush Haulin'

Sooooo, I got a few things from Lush. This probably isn't the biggest Lush haul anyone has ever seen, but it felt pretty extravagant to me, haha! I love Lush and I usually pop in a buy a couple of things whenever I'm near a shop, and I picked up these bits from the Lush on Oxford Street. I actually got all of this a little while ago but, me being me, I've only got around to putting this post up now! I'm going to go through stuff row by row, so let's get started...

L-R: Cyanide Pill, Yoga Bomb, The Experimenter

I got three bath bombs, first of which is Cyanide Pill - I think this one is exclusive to Oxford Street as I couldn't find it on the website. I has a slightly odd scent, like citrus-y and musky at the same time, it contains both lemon and cedar wood oils so this is probably why and (if I remember correctly!) each half has a different scent so one end is the citrus, zesty side and the other contains the musky, woody aromas. In the water it fizzes instantly and once it begins to dissolve silver glitter emerges from it's centre, which I loved! However, because of the bomb's colour, it does turn your bath a sulphuric shade of yellow. I also got Yoga Bomb - definitely one of my new favourites! It smells gorgeously herbal and soothing, containing sandalwood, olibanum, and ho wood (I didn't know what that was, but it comes from the camphor tree according to Lush) oils. It looks plain orange but once it starts to dissolve in the water it releases a pastel rainbow of colour, beautiful! Then there's also The Experimenter - I basically got this one because I'd seen it all over peoples' blogs and wanted to see it for myself! On first sniff I knew it was right up my street, and looking at the ingredients I could see why - vanilla bean and tonka absolute, two of my favourites! It also contains vetivert oil, which is great for soothing and relaxation. In the water this bomb is very impressive - it bursts into bright colours that swirl together (and I think it contained a subtle luster, too) resulting in deep purple bathwater. 

L-R: Milky Bath, Flowering Tea
Next up are a couple of bubble bars, which I got because of the cute shapes they're in haha. Milky Bath really does have skimmed milk as one of the ingredients! It also contains cocoa butter and resulted in a really skin-softening bath with lots of bubbles. It does also have orange oil in but I personally didn't think it smelled of anything much. Flowering Tea, on the other hand, smelled strongly herbal with jasmine mixed in - one of my favourite scents! It's in the shape of a teabag complete with a little label on a string, and the 'bag' is filled with cornflowers instead of tea which float around the bath - cute! In addition to jasmine, it contains rosewood and neroli oils, and orange flower absolute, and I really enjoyed this one. 

L-R: Sun, Cloak of Invisibility, Happy Thoughts, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

Lastly, I bought a few of these solid bath oils! You can get them online now and I think in stores, but at the time they were a brand new product and exclusive to the Oxford Street store, so I went a bit mad and got four haha. The bath oils give an oily (but not overly greasy, moisturising bath that leaves your skin super soft! The first three I think are still exclusive to Oxford Street as I can't see them on the website - let's start with Sun, so called because of the shimmery gold lustre coating it and its bright, uplifting scent. Sun contains mandarin, tangerine and Brazilian orange oils, giving it a really nice but subtle bitter orange smell. To nourish the skin it contains shea and cocoa butters, and also contains jojoba and coconut oils - my skin didn't really feel like I needed to apply body lotion after having a dip with one of these bath oils! Cloak of Invisibility attracted me not just because of the glittery star shape on top, but also because it smelled of my favourite jasmine along with ylang ylang and rosewood, giving it a really heady, relaxing fragrance - this was probably my favourite bath oil to use. It differs from Sun in that it contains almond oil instead of jojoba oil. 

To me, Happy Thoughts looks like a cute little sugar-covered bonbon! It has a zesty scent that leans more fruity than Sun, containing Brazilian orange and neroli oils. Again this oil left my skin super-soft, and it contains the same moisturising butters and oils as Sun. What I will say about the three brightly coloured orange bath oils is that they all left a bit of an orange stain around my bath - nothing a few spritzes of surface cleaner didn't remove, but something to mention. Lastly is Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment which I picked up because I really like the bath melt of the same name (which I think has now been discontinued and sort of replaced by the oil, but correct me if I'm wrong!). This has the same sugary sweet scent as the bath melt, which is also akin to Snow Fairy. Shea and cocoa butters along with coconut and almond oils leave the skin silky soft, and the delicate fragrance made for a very lovely bath!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I always love a good Lush haul :) if you've done one recently, please share it in the comments!