Friday, 8 April 2016

Loving Lately #1

I've never actually done a 'Loving Lately' post, but I thought it would be a good thing to sort of 're-introduce' myself to writing a blog post! In my last post waaaaay back in January, I said I'd have a lot more time to spend on my blog this year, but as it turns out I haven't yet! I do have more time as in I have more days off in the week now, but because the days I do work are so long I tend to spend my days off feeling pretty exhausted and, more recently, I've had a lot more social stuff on which has been really nice, however also tiring on top of work! I have managed to be semi-organised and have got two (maybe three) more posts after this one all planned, so hopefully I might be able to get myself into some sort of schedule soon :)

Also before I get started, I just wanted to give a little mention to one of my best friends Roben Beauty - she's fairly new to Bloglovin', if you love all things beauty related then please do check out her blog! She's a really lovely lady and she knows what she's talking about as, like me, she's a bit of beauty addict AND she's also a makeup artist in-training :) so head on over for some great beauty advice and tutorials! Now, onto the 'lovings'...

1. My NYPD hoodie!
This hoodie is by Tee and Cake at Topshop. My sister and I have a bit of an inside joke that involves yelling 'NYPD! FREEZE!' at each other haha, so when I saw it I had to have it! It's super cosy and fleecy inside, over-sized fit but still nice and lightweight. I really like the look of the NASA sweater they do as well, just a question of which colour... but I basically want everything they do!

I used to read looooads when I was younger, then during my teens I just got out of the habit unless it was for school, and I only got back in to reading a lot maybe two or three years ago but now I've started I can't believe I ever stopped! Neil Gaiman is an author I've loved for a long time, the first book of his I read was Coraline a long time ago, and ever since I've been hooked. He's an amazing writer, he has an incredible way of drawing you into a story, his writing seamlessly creates images in your head as you read and his storytelling just sucks you in and holds you there. Anansi Boys is the book I'm currently reading and I'm really enjoying it - it's about 'Fat Charlie' Nancy, a bit of loser but has managed to get his life pretty much on track and has a steady job, whose brother who he never knew he had comes to stay with him. His brother is his complete opposite in every way, and starts to wreak havoc in his life. If you know anything of Neil Gaiman's writing you'll know that the plot is undoubtedly more complicated than that, but I don't want to spoil anything if you're thinking of giving it a go and haven't heard of it all ready! One of my next posts is going to be about the books I'd highly recommend, so keep your eyes peeled for that one :) 

3.Fruit-flavoured chocolate!
Okay, so a bit of an odd one haha, but I really have! I never used to be that big on fruit-flavoured chocolate (or white chocolate, for that matter) but recently I've been absolutely loving it! Pictured above are pink champagne truffles with a hint of strawberry, 'strawberries and cream' white chocolate with strawberry ganache, and 'raspberry smoothie' milk chocolate with a seriously juicy raspberry centre, all from Hotel Chocolat. I've also been loving the Strawberries and Cream Lindor and was lucky enough to get the Easter egg! (Which, by the way, is still standing! I've somehow only eaten one bag of Dairy Milk eggs since Easter! How is this possible? What has happened to me?? Haha) Also have to give a shout out to the Coconut Lindor, too - not fruity but bloody delicious! - and the incredibly moreish Prestat Red Velvet Truffles; I bought I load of the bauble-packaged ones in the Christmas sale in Jarrolds, so good. 

4. Charlotte Tilbury makeup

Let's face it, who isn't loving Charlotte Tilbury's gorgeous makeup line. I now have quite a few of her products, but these three in  particular have made it into my daily rotation. Pictured above is her Magic Foundation in Shade 2 -  it's slightly on the thicker side in consistency but is super creamy and blends easily, gives a high medium-to-full coverage, and I would say a demi-matte finish. I get really dry skin and I find this base suits me really well and lasts all day. I like to apply it best with my Beauty Blender but also use my Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush a lot, too! Also pictured is her K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick lippie in the shade Stoned Rose and her Lip Cheat lip liner in the shade Iconic Nude - I've swatched these two for you as well! Stoned Rose is a brown-toned rusty-rose hue which looks really beautiful on and is the kind of shade that would suit pretty much everyone! I've found that it goes really well with the Iconic Nude lip liner and together they make a perfect lip! Iconic nude is a beige-toned nude liner that goes with basically everything - I use it with all my lip colours except really dark shades and reds, but that's just personal preference as it could be used with any shade. It also looks really nice on it's own and it really good for the beigey-brown 90's inspired lip trend :)

5. My new duvet sets!
Last, but by no means least, I wanted to share with you these two super, super cute (in my opinion, anyway haha, my sister was not really a fan of the unicorns) duvet sets from George At Home at Asda! I've bought stuff from George At Home before because it's really well priced, and I love their duvet sets because for the most part they are made of that easy-care, non-iron fabric which is totally up my street - I have no time for battling with a double duvet cover over an ironing board! These two were only £12 each for double-sized sets - I had to get the unicorn one because unicorns, and the cat one is called 'Purrmaids' because they are cat-mermaids, hahaha! I love cats so cat-mermaids to me was incredible. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I found it fun to write and it's actually put me in a really good mood :) what have you all been loving recently? x


  1. I love these types of posts!
    I've been wanting to read "Caroline" for so long now. I've had "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman sitting on my shelf for the longest time and completely forgot about it. Planning on reading it next. :) x Alona

    1. Definitely do! He's such a brilliant writer :)

  2. Your duvet set is sooooo cute! Also I agree - CT makeup is the best!

    1. Thank you :D oh yes it really is, I use the Filmstar Bronze and Glow all the time, too :)

  3. Aww thank you for the mention :) Glad to see you're back to blogging again (though I feel like I've contributed to them social evenings ;) haha)

    1. That's okay! :D Haha yes you have ;) but that's no bad thing! xxx

  4. I lovvve that mermaid kitty. So cute.